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Ay, Camellia

Ay, Camellia

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Ay, Camellia candle is a 100% handmade candle, created especially for healing, and loving thyself. It is intended for great abundance and motivation, and adoration. Attracts positivity, good luck, and love!  Light it up with any manifestation and believe it shall it come. Crystals charge with the full moon & with Mother Nature's great energy.

Ay Camellia is a 4.5 oz energized scented candle topped off with crystals and herbs. Crystals grown with so much strength and power as human beings, herbs grown with so much love and so much care as only some human beings but what makes it all special it’s their light and power and every human being.

fragrance description: Red rose petals and camellia flowers the smell of a pure bouquet of roses and flowers, It gives out the scent of walking in a field of roses.
FUN FACT:  Camellia flowers are often seen as a symbol of love, adoration, and longing. Don't hesitate to give them to people you love, no matter if your affection is romantic or platonic. Made in a studio, not a factory. Using 100% natural soy wax and clean-scented fragrance oils. Wick is 100 %  hemp, Burns slowly makes the candle last longer, and it is much stronger because of its multiple strands of hemp fiber. The most important is that is Non-toxic and biodegradable. There are no extra chemicals added to these candles for the health of everyone!

Energized Crystals 

All Eyecherbs (EYE-C-HERBS) candles are topped off with natural rocks also crystals, they are deeply dug out of caves, and rivers and found in other parts of the world. Why do I add crystals to my candles? Well, crystals technically have a life A.K.A source of energy just like we do. Crystals each start small and as time passes there are atoms added to them. They all have a name, purpose, and reason to be created in our universe. Just like we do.! Humans are usually disconnected from themselves and Mother Nature and the purpose of the crystals is to bring them back to a sense that those dreams they had as kids are real and everything they believed in is also real. 


Every candle is topped off with herbs such as rosemary, lavender, red rose, and sage. All these herbs bring out the best in them from when they were seeds, to a beautiful green plant to broken branches till they dry and their value stayed in their dried leaves, petals, and pines and it’s needless. The reason for them on my candle is to value their power and use it for all good! Their scent calms the human brain and makes them connect to themselves to a deeper level of focus. And manifest great ideas and well-being.

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